VMSProjects Launches Scouts Platform OUT OF AFRICA

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VMSProjects Launches Scouts Platform

NIGERIA & SPAIN—[OUT OF AFRICA] VMSProjects, the first and only dedicated social networking site, African Footballers, global music, models, stakeholders and player-driven sports media business, today announced the launch of its newest brand, Scouts platform OUT OF AFRICA features interactive, player-cv scouts, video and career content along with tournament highlights and exclusive access through partnerships with clubs, coaches, agents, scouts agency, all with a focus on the Scout African Players.

“As with our other platforms, VMSProjects brings the world of scouts to the African Players in a way that only VMSProjects can. With a focus on the narrative around the players and teams, and with our partnerships with some of the largest names in the football industry, we connect our players directly with football clubs looking for African players inside the Out of Africa Scouts platform, said Cletus Madukwe, Director of Strategic Partnerships at VMSProjects Out Of Africa Scouts.. “VMSProjects put your name out there by creating your profile football CV online for all to see. Your unique profile is discoverable by all coaches and scouts globally. Its like having football agent working for you whilst you sleep Our vision is to bring the global football community together in one place, so footballers can spend less time hunting for coaches details and more time focusing on their games.

VMSProjects has been in soft launch mode for the last few months, with a focus on player’s video coverage and players have the opportunity to produce their own promotional video clips. A lot of players don’t realize the number of possibilities that are out there. It’s hard to connect with coaches and find opportunities in your own league, let alone in another country. Having an already professionally filmed produced by VMSProjects Videographers and edited video clips of players best performances in VMSProjects Scouting Programs makes it even easier. By so doing, VMSProjects can present players video clips to clubs and make them invite African players for a trial test.

Built on VMSProjects content platform, our international agencies, scouts and coaches partners are continuing to scout new African Players and accept CVs and videos submission from VMSProjects Out of Africa Players platform. If African footballers are thinking of becoming a player there is no need to put your football career dreams on hold. Our dedicated staff along with other professionals in the football to achieve your goals.

Create your profile today
Stop wasting your time trawling the internet for coaches and football agents contact details. Save your money from attending countless combines and talent hunts.

VMSProjects Out of Africa Scouts does offer a free account, but there is a yearly fee of US50. Even if you don’t have an agent, VMSProjects is definitely a site to consider when outlining your football career.

Join today and your membership rate will never increase, even when we raise the price for future members.

Benefits of Registration
Create your free professional CV
Store your CV securely in our football players’ area,
Have your CV checked by our team..
Send your CV to about 1,000 of agents and clubs.

Members with genuine invitation letter and visa only receive flight ticket for possible trials in Europe.

About VMSProjects Out of Africa Scouts

VMSProjects is an independent organization, specializing in assisting African Players achieve their goals within the football industry.

For more information, please visit www.vmsprojects.com

For registration and inquiries, contact
DD Strategic Communications
Femi Ayankule,
Whatsapp 234 798 605 7319

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