About Us
VMSProjects is a social networking service focuses on building social relations among footballers, musicians, models, comedians, dancers and among other people in the entertainment world. It is active in making books, album, video, merchanding.

We manage everyone from players to coaches to models to athletes to influencers. We represent male and female models in fashion, lifestyle, commercial film and print. With talents including makeup artists, photographers, musicians, dancers, and cirque performers. We focus on mentorship newcomers to the industry. Talent training, with our summer fashion camp and Pro mentorship program, and also have a Pros Talent division for established models.

VMSProjects – Football, Music, Models and Talent Agency

On the football industry side, our scouts organize scouting programs and offer clubs the opportunity to work with our experienced team of trained scouts and specialized in football players’ transfer and negotiation..

VMSProjects Out of Africa Scout is an independent organisation, specialising in assisting Africa players achieve their goals within the football industry. We offer a professional service that bridges the gap between players and their ideal football agent or representation.

On the music side, our label team uses the music consumption data flowing through our distribution service to discover, sign and build rising talent. We partner up with artists we believe in with flexible deals offering services like strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding and PR.

On the models and Talent Side, VMSProjects supply the media market place for Commercial Print, TV, Movies, Commercials, Industrials, Catalogs, LifeStyle Advertising, Film, VO, Animation, Runway and Fashion. VMSProjects has a wide range of support services, Makeup, Hair, Clothing and Food Stylist as well as in house casting, and production services.