VMSProjects is a community of footballers and entertainment industry. VMSProjects also helps members recruit clubs for trials and keep them informed of the latest trials advancements

It is active in making books, album, video, merchanding and specialized in football players’ transfer and negotiation.

We manage everyone from players to coaches to models to athletes to influencers. We represent male and female models in fashion, lifestyle, commercial film and print. With talents including makeup artists, photographers, musicians, dancers, and cirque performers. We focus on mentorship newcomers to the industry. Talent training, with our summer fashion camp and Pro mentorship program, and also have a Pros Talent division for established models.

Who We Serve
VMSProjects is a community of people committed to bringing children and youth creative projects to life. We are proud to partner with top European Football Clubs, Agents, Scouts, music production companies as well as leading film production organizations and agencies.

Rely on us to communicate full involvement to the development of the project ourselves, compliantly, and seamlessly with external stakeholders-including renowned Actors, Actress, Musicians, Professional Casting Directors, Clients, Talent Agents, Consumer Business, Coalitions and Executive Producers.

Our primary mission is to help our members connect, collaborate and prosper. We get together in Africa and a majority of members are from America and UK. We are growing beyond Africa and now have members from across the global.

While there is strength in numbers, we don’t measure value by how many members we have. We are not keeping score of our popularity or adding hundreds of new friends, we may never know.

We are interested in real people who understand that the real value social networking site is when it translates into meaningful relationship of trust. Where members help each other, form a community and prosper.

A place where innovation, creativity and collaboration thrive. And self-promotion takes a back seat to generosity.

Our Team
VMSProjects has a dedicated, multilingual staff available 24/7. Our team reflects our multicultural world with people from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Everyone on the VMSProjects team has followed their own unique journey in their evolution from young learner into global citizen.

Today, we all stand ready to share our international knowledge and experience, our passion for entertainment, production and service company in media, sports, technology, and to provide great personalized service to everybody who joins us.

All VMSProjects coordinators and facilitators have excellent credentials in the fields of Language, Linguistics, football, media, talent and other events.