VMSProjects is the best ecards shop for sending online ecards and greetings to your loved ones. The ecards shop has wonderful cards for  every occasions like birthday, charity, anniversary, wedding, get well, pets, everyday events, friendship, family, flowers, stay in touch, thank, congrats and funny ecards.

This makes ecards a lot cheaper than traditional cards. Ecards are also significantly faster at delivering Ecards greetings; they take seconds to arrive as opposed to the several days traditional greeting cards take. There are no postal delivery deadlines if you send your ecards greetings from the VMSProjects ecard platform, you can send your cards on the day and have them arrive immediately.

For Entrepreneurs

The best online ecards for entrepreneur.

Provide us with your company graphic or picture and we will insert it into our Standard Ecard design. The customized standard ecards is then sent to up to 5,000 recipients.

The Entrepreneur is designed for businesses who want accost effective advertising free way to build their business using customized standard ecards.

It cost USD10.00 for companies to brand 10 ecards opening for 30 days. There are also premium account for companies looking to scheduled promotional offers to drive repeat business and to support community development which range from USD100.50 to USD1, 399.50

Corporate Gift Ecards

Corporate Gift ecards are a smart, easy and unforgotten way for everyone to participate in giving and do good in the community.

You can rebrand a corporate gift cards here and give the cards to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, holidays or a job well done

Branded Corporate ecards

We can private label corporate cards so your company can give out customized and branded cards to your employees, customers or business partners. Order your custom corporate gift cards now.

How It Work

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Ready to make a difference with your ecards

Ecards that make a real difference –every card purchased provides 50 percentages for creative projects and community development.

How It Works

Choose an ecard

Compose message

Make payment

Send ecard

The cost of ecards

Cards are purchase at USD1.00 each

Loved ones receive personalized ecards.

Encourage others to buy ecards for friends, family and employees.

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5 Ways To Help

Our dream is to dream globally, selling our ecards is beyond our widest dreams and it appears too good to be true. Without your support, participation in VMSProjects will  only be a dream, but there are 5 ways to support us wherever you may be.

  1. Ask 5 people to buy ecards for friends and families.
  2. Invite 5 people to buy corporate branded ecards to promote the company.
  3. Share VMSProjects Ecards on your facebook, twitter, instagram, etc with five others.
  4. Encourage 5 people to become an ambassador.  
  5. Challenge your family to send ecards to friends and relatives and make it a fun family effort.