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Talent Assessment Screening Program.

Oct 1, 2020 @ 8:00 am - May 30, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

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A Professional Contract!! A Football Trial!!!

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Assessment Screening Program.

Training, Trials and Video For Players.
U-16, U-17, U-18, U-19 & U-20 (Boys)

Event in Major Cities in Nigeria
October 01, 2020 – May 30, 2021

Scout Yourself Out Of Africa

VMSProjects Scouting Network
Talent Assessment (Screening) Program


Online Profile/Video Platform –
Europe Clubs / Agents and Trials

Brought To You By
FMS Football Agency, Spain
In Partnership with
VMS Football Agency, Nigeria


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2020 -2021 Talent Assessment Screening Program.
Football Academies and individual Players can Register for the biggest Talent Assessment Screening Event in Africa – This October 2020 – May 2021.

Football Academies and individual Players are invited to register for the 2020 – 2021 Talent Assessment Screening Program.

Online Profile / Video Platform –
Europe Clubs / Agent and Trials
Promise to be the biggest players online profile / video platform for clubs, agents in Europe to recruit and unveil the unknown football talents in Africa.

Talent Assessment Screening Event.
This event will be a well – organized football assessment and screening where talented players from Africa will be discovered, selected and offer clubs contract.

Organisers and Host
2020-2021 Talent Assessment Screening Program is organized by VMS Football Agency- football marketing and management agency in Nigeria in partnership with FMS Agency Spain- international football company in Spain in collaboration with VMSProjects Scouting Network- a football Scouting and Consultancy services agency.

Talent Assessment Screening Program
VMSProjects Scouting Network Coaches and Scouts would emerge from Assessment and Screening Program to be held across major cities in Nigeria, opened to youth between the ages of 16-20 years.

During Talent Assessment Screening, we will visit more than 25 different states in Nigeria with the goal of providing quality training, contributing to the development of local players and to identify Talent that we can offer international opportunities.

What to Expect from the Talent Assessment Screening Program.

Assessment Screening
This Event is a five Day Program which provides attendees with the rare opportunity to gain insight and knowledge from professional coaches, who will be at hand to provide top tips and pointers on how to succeed in the football industry.

The aim of our assessment and screening event are not only to provide players with an opportunity to display their skills in front of the right people, but to also allow them to understand more about is needed to play European football at a professional level and provide players with an fantastic experience of football & culture.

Exhibition Matchess

Participating Academies and the VMSProjects Team will play 8 matches to be shot on video in 4 days.

Benefits of Participating in 2020-2021 Talent Assessment Screening – For Online Profile Video Platform.
# Opportunity to showcase your talent in front of Scouts.
# Young and aspiring are given the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of local clubs coaches and international agency representative for possible selection and recruitment into professional Clubs both here in Africa and Europe.
# Matches are filmed and VMSProjects Sports Media Team will send you the trials footage FREE, so you watch back and share on your social , with friends, clubs, scouts, agents and family.

Opportunity to Have Your Own Promo-Video Clip.
Every of the exhibition matches will be covered on video and participating Academies and individual Players would have the opportunity to provide their own Promotional video clips.

Every participating players promo-video clips would be attached to the players profile on VMSProjects.com for clubs and agents to see, for possible invitation for trials in Africa and Europe.

Chances of Selected Players.
The selected players promo-video clips would be attached to the players profiles on VMSProjects.com and would be sent to several clubs in Europe by FMS Agency Spain for possible invitation for trials in the Clubs.

Trials & Professional Contract – Throughout the program, the selected players will be monitored by the Scouts and coaching staff of VMSProjects, for opportunities for football trials or professional football contracts to be awarded.

Video Coverage and Pitch
In this regard, VMSProjects have professional football media experts for the video coverage.

We hope we can use the synthetic pitch at every state in Nigeria to give the video production a World class scenery.

Online Profile / Video
VMSProjects Videographers will will attend every match game and film players.

Our Videographers then edits out the dead space in the video and highlights the pl within the game action itself.

We also put the date, team and vmsprojects Talent Assessment program on the video.

We have to make it easy on the Coaches and agents, otherwise, they will simply move on.

VMSProjects Scouting Network is an independent organization, specializing in assisting players achieve goals within the football industry – hence the introduction of online profile video platform.

Online Profile /Video Platform
We bring the global football community together in one place, so you can spend less time focusing on your game.

We Create Your Online Football Profile
We put your name out there by creating your football profile & video online for all to see.

Your unique player profile is discovered by all coaches and scouts globally, it’s like having football agent working for you whilst you sleep.

Benefits of Online Profile Video Platform
# Create Free Account on VMSProjects.com
# Create Your Free Professional CV
# Store your CV/Video securely in our football Players Area.
# Have your CV/Video checked by teams and Agents.
# Our Spanish office send your CV/Video to other 1000 clubs and scouts.

Communication, Recognition & Certification
VMSProjects is committed to providing regular feedback to all their players and ensuring that area of development are identified and support is provided to improve performance. We also ensure that high achievement is recognized and rewarded.

We will provide regular structured feedback to the players which will be documented in a report at key stages of the program.

Reward & Recognition
Players will receive awards and prizes for high performance most improved performance amongst a number of categories across all program subjects.

VMSProjects will hold an end of Assessment Screening Program ceremony in which all players will receive our participation certificate.

There will also be internal awards for individual performance across the duration of the program and for any exceptional Talent the opportunity of a professional football contracts.

Exhibition Matches
5 Academies and VMSProjects Teams will play a total of 8 Matches to be shot on video in 4 Days.

Academies and individual Players can Register following the procedure below:

Academy Registration in State.
Only Five Academies are required for the video Matches. Only the first five Academies to register can participate.

Each registered Academy of 20 man delegation (players and officials) will be provided with training, assessment, evaluation report and video of matches played.

Cost- Registration fee per Academy / Team =N200,000

Academies/Teams participating in the Talent Assessment. – Video will be required to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) regarding academy/team 75 – VMSProjects 25 percentage sharing ration from the future transfer sum of any player that receive a club contract through this projects.

Individual Players Registration
Individual Players will come together to form the VMSProjects Team.

First, an individual Player will register with N1,600 and come for Talent Assessment-Training into the VMSProjects Team.

Individual Players Registration: You can register as an individual and join the individual Players Team (s) at the VMSProjects Team.

However, slots are limited. Only the registered players will be required to pay another N15,000 to participate in the video Matches.

Which is the last date to Register ?
Academies /Teams – Deadline for making a registration is September 31, 2020. Please note that teams how have registered and paid their registration fee of N20,000 first will be given priority when we reach the category. Keep in mind that some of this categories are fully booked very early.

Individual Players – Deadline for making a registration is September 31, 2020. Registration fee – N1,600 and registration may end at the organization discretion as soon as slots for individual Players are filled.

Payment information
The modality of payment of registration fee is a compulsory formality for all academy and individual Players wishing to register for the Talent Assessment Screening – Video matches. These fees are requested to allow us to record the participation of the Academies and individual Players, then proceed to the organization of pitches, personnel, and Match coverage for the Academy and individual Players where the Events will take place.

For professional reasons, the organization office has delegated an accounting partner through whom payment of the registration and videos fees of all the Academies individual Players wishing to participate in the event must be paid.

The Bank details of our financiers as indicated below.
Account Name – Velletri Multibiz Services
Account Number – 0050622284
Bank Name – Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (Gtbank)

Reference for confirmation of payment of registration fees.
Other Names
Transfer code
Academy Name
Individual Name
Amount Transferred

The above information should be sent to football@vmsprojects.com

Form of Payment
We accept any form of payments as long as you will get a payment acknowledgement receipt to ensure we have records of what you paid.

Pay the participation and videos fees upon arrival. Cash payment upon arrival are not acceptable. We only accept Bank transfer on arrival.

What Happens after Payment
Once we confirmed your payment, we will send you a form to fill and a Letter of Mandate which enables us to register you as one of our players participating at the assessment program and also represent you in terms, if securing a professional contract through our online profile video platform Services.

Note – if you are already registered as one of our players. Please disregard this and just notify us with the payment receipt only.

VMSProjects cameras will be available to take clear pictures and videos of each player performance, the VMSProjects team shall ensure all these are taken into effective actions.

Note – Anyone attempting to use a recording camera and /or confiscate the camera will be disqualified and therefore face disciplinary action without the utmost approval of the state coordinators or the one of the representatives.

Contact: For further inquiry or clarification, call or WhatsApp +2347086057319


October 1 @ 8:00 am
May 30, 2021 @ 5:00 pm