VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad

VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad is the Africa established programs for footballers, to provide advice and support in very aspect of players travel expenses, education and career.
Players can take advantage of a wide range of advice, funding players traveling abroad for trials and services.…

VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad -Registration and How To Join FULLY Details.
Are you aspiring to become a professional footballer in Europe, Asia, USA, and Latin America or anywhere around the World? You have offer in Europe and cannot offend your flight ticket and processing of your visa, let me introduce you to VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad.

VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad– the first and only dedicated for footballers travel funds, education, career and a community of people committed to bringing talent to life.

Requirements To Join VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad
Velletri Multibiz Services is the owner of VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad,, VMSProjects Scouting Network, VMSProjects Football Agency having been fully registered with CAC, the agency is fully recognized by the Nigerian Government, football coaches, professional players, media and clubs.

The VMSProjects Scouting Network boasts of a very strong relationship with different football clubs, agents, scouts, coaches around the world..

Our scouts must watch you in a football match for recommendation; attend one of our scouting programs, VMSProjects Football Tournament to stand the chance of having your profile viewed by numerous football agents, scouts and clubs around the world.

Footballers will be able to participate in different football training and trials around the world.

VMSProjects also helps its players secure admissions into different colleges across the world, to enable the players to study while playing professional football anywhere in the world..

VMSProjects help their players process their visa to any country they are visiting for training and trials.

We pay for players flight tickets to attend training and trials across the world and including third party invitation letter to attend trials..

Players with valid entry Europe or Asia visa can equally apply for travel funds.
With VMSProjects players can be sure your personal information is in safe hands and will not be used for any illegal activity that may damage your football career.

With VMSProjects players can be sure your personal information is in safe hands and will not be used for any illegal activity that may damage your football career.

Opportunity to Have Your Own Footage-video Clips
Every of the scouting matches will be covered on video and participating players would have the opportunity to produce their own Promotional video clips.

Again, selected players footage-video clips would be sent to several clubs and Agents abroad for possible invitation for trials in the clubs.

How To Join VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad
Only selected players will join VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad, you will need to first of all register by creating an account on our official website.

After that, you are to make payments for other necessary things that are required of our members and below is the complete breakdown of VMSProjects Talent ProjectsAbroad..

The following membership fees are paid yearly (January-December):

• Professional Players: N3,200
• Amateur Players: N2,800
• Academy Players N2,100
• Joining Fee (once only fee when first joining the VPM): N1,500

Once you have your money ready with you for payments, kindly proceed to Guaranty Trust Bank [GTbank] and pay into the official parent company account details below.

All payment must be made through
Account Name – Velletri Multibiz Services
Bank Name – Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Number – 0050622284

After making your payments in the bank email scout@vmsprojects.com the word Talent, then the name of depositor, phone number, age, sex, location and deposit slip number, if no deposit slip, just write transfer for verification and approval.

Once your payments have been successfully approved, you will receive membership forms and cards.

Should you feel like talking to our representative, do not hesitate to call helpline – 234 7086057319

You can as well send an email to – info@vmsprojects.com

For those looking for VMSProjects Football Agency, can email –football@vmsprojects.com

Travel funding
We spend out time, answering questions from players and coaches and finding great new projects to share with you.

VMSProjects monthly donate 5 percentage of its after tax profit towards players traveling expenses to Europe for professional football trials including visa processing fee, flight ticket, logistic and other unforeseen expenses, so we can continue to provide year-round programs to players who doest have the financial opportunity.

VMSProjects get in return receive an agreed percentage from any professional contract signed by the player in Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America.

Its VMSProjects Travel Team responsibility to complete the travel expenses. VMSProjects Team is fully involve in the success of the travel themselves.

Important information

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