Footballer CV
Patrick Godwin Addahson/Academy Footballer
Left Side / Right Side Defense
Location – Nigeria
Youth Player Profile

Youth Football Player with grassroots league experience and naturally competitive nature and a high – level of physical conditioning..

Self-disciplined and committed to working with academy members to achieve academy level results and trophies. Demonstrates persistence, determination and the ability to cope with the stress of grassroots competition. Exhibits a burning passion and love of football on a professional level with a genuine interest in the representation of nationwide football events. A coachable player and five-aside enthusiasts to enhance physical endurance and footballing capabilities..

Core Skills
Youth Football Playing
Ball /Control Ownership
Semi-Pro Level
Mid-Field Attack /Defense
Football Summary
April 2000 – Present Football Player.

Sifos Football Academy,
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Currently competing as part of the amateur league for and traveling both state and nationally to compete in large competitions

Key Responsibilities
Undertaking extensive daily training to uphold a peak physical condition and maintain the ability to sustain physical endurance..

Applying ball control and employing a feel for the game to ensure the adequate utilization of space on the field to locate open teammates.

Ensuring precise control over the ball, passing and shooting the ball in a variety of different ways and using the head and torso to control the ball when required.

Working together and applying an understanding of what it means to be part of a team.

Playing defense in the case of a lost ball, often moving forward to join the attack as necessary to enable ball retrieval.

Key Achievements
Recognized as a top player in 2019 and subsequently requested to give a televised interview for Match of the Day, and to appear in commercial and advertisements for National Football Charities to promote football in the orphanage homes and awareness.

Scored over 4 goals in a recent match against Bolton Football Academy, taking the team through to the semi-finals.

Supported the Academy Head Coach with all assigned duties and provided direction to cadets so that they might achieve a high level of skill as well as an appreciation for discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork in football.

Contact information
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