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Out of Africa Scout brings the world football community together in one place, so players can spend less time searching the internet for coaches and agents details, than focusing on your regular training and supports all members providing them with a professional CV as well as financing their travel expense for possible trials abroad. .

Benefits of Registration
Create your free account
We help you create free professional CV
Have your CV checked by our team.
Send your CV to over 1,000s of agents and clubs
Members receive flight ticket for possible trials abroad.

Send Your CV
We Create Your Online Football CV

VMSProjects Out of Africa Scouts will connect you to global playing opportunities.

We put players name out there by creating players football CVs online for clubs, scouts and agents to see. It’s like having VMSProjects as football agent working for you whilst you focus on your training.

Create Your Profile Today

African players should stop wasting their time trawling to internet in search of coaches and agents contact details.

African players should save their money in the bank from attending countless combines and talent hunt.

We connect directly with football clubs looking for players inside the Out of Africa Scouts network.

Football Academies and Individual Players in Africa are invited to submit CVs and Videos to Out of Africa Scouts, email

Price is USD50 per year.

Plus, join today and your membership rate will never increase, even when we raise the price for future members.

Football CV
Individual Client Profiles

Here you will find detailed information on our clients. We have provided statistics, CVs, photos and videos in order for you to assess the players. If you have any questions about any of the players on the players on this website, then feel free to contact us at the following email address –

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I am above the age of 16 and want to become a professional footballer, what do I need to do?
A: Firstly you need to create an account on this website. This service is free of charge. When you have done this you can then decide when to send us your CV and Video and we will redesign your CV in a professional format in an online CV on this website. There is only one option available on this website, along with the price. When the payment has been received, we will process your application and you could well be on your way to playing professional football.
Q: My son is 14 years old, is this too young to have an agent?
A: A player cannot sign a contract with an agent until the year he reaches 16. A pre-contract agreement can be offered by agents for players who really stand out, but up until the player is 18 years of age written consent of a parent of guardian is needed for the deal to be processed formally.
Paying to send your CV
Q: What do I do if I do not have the correct method of payment?
A: You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit/debit card. Please contact us for bank details and we will do our upmost to arrange a suitable transaction via bank transfer.
Q: How do I pay?
A: You can only pay when you have completed your CV. From this stage we will forward you bank details..
What Happens after I Pay and send CV
Q: How many agents will receive my CV?
A: Currently, we have 84 agents who will receive your CV and potentially work with you to maximise the possibility of you finding a professional club.
Q: Can you publish my video on this site to showcase my skills?
A: Yes. Provided you are legally permitted to upload good quality footage of you in action, it is possible that we may be able to showcase it via Out of Africa Scouts as part of a proposed video section. Drop us a line with the Youtube link if you want to be considered for inclusion in this project when it goes live.
Q: Who is able to look at my CV if I join the database?
A: In the first instance your CV will be viewed by our site staff, who are able to rectify any major errors they may spot in your details. Clubs, Scouts and reputable agents that we work with are able to request players of a particular skill level/location/position and as a general rule of thumb we will only let them see your footballing experience at first, this does not include your name or contact details which will only be provided if they are genuinely interested in approaching you. We will not supply any information to any third parties that does not confirm with football regulations (e.g. we will not pass personal contact details of contracted players to other clubs – all approaches would have to be channeled through your existing club).
Q: When can I expect to hear from someone if I have been successful in my application?

Out of Africa Scouts
A: Out of Africa Scouts sends your information out to clubs, scouts and agents and although we cannot guarantee replies, our network has proved to be very successful in finding agents and clubs for up- coming footballers.
International Players/Foreign Nationals
Q: Are there any countries in which you do not operate?
A: We are best placed to assist players in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and various other territories, but it is difficult for us to operate in countries currently affected by conflict.
About Out of Africa Scouts
Q: Are Out of Africa Scouts interested in joining other companies in partnership?
A: Yes, Out of Africa Scouts receives many business opportunities and we are interested in these. Despite this, due to the volume of emails we receive we are unable to reply to each one separately.
Q: Do Out of Africa Scouts deal with other sports?
A: No, Out of Africa Scouts deal primarily deal with players who want to play Football or Soccer (as it is also known).
Question Not Answered?
Q: I have a specific question that is not dealt with in the above, what can I do?
A: Please go to the `contact us` section of the website and submit your question if it is not dealt with in the above or on the homepage.
Football Trials
Submitting your Football CV with VMSProjects Out of Africa Scouts opens you up to a world of opportunity. If we are successful in finding a Club or Football Agent that is the right fit for you, they will endeavor to find you the best opportunities to enable you to make your way up the career ladder. Football trials are a huge part of the profession, and your agent will be there to secure your place in any they believe will be a great fit for your abilities.

Most players are selected for trials through scouts watching amateur games, but it is notoriously difficult to know when or where this will happen. You may well have been monitored by a scout already, unaware and not on top form. With a Football Agent it is easier to skip this process and deal with a club directly, as they often have connections within professional clubs and their opinions are highly valued (and as such their belief in you as a player).

As you are probably aware, if you are put on trial with a professional club and prove yourself as a valuable player, it is very likely you will earn a place in their squad and begin your career in the football profession. It may take you a few times at different trial matches before you are accepted so do not get disheartened; the more clubs you trial with, the higher your chances of becoming a professional.

Licensed Football Agents
We are always looking for licensed football agents to represent our players. If you are interested please sign-up as an agent here
Please note: We only work with licensed football age

Video Services
VMSProjects Scouting Network is into football scouting and consultancy. You just need to be introduced to VMSProjects Football Agency intermediary also known as a player’s licensed agent who will represent you.

VMSProjects Scouting Network Team will require your profile and video clips to make up your scouting report.

Having an already professionally filmed produced by VMSProjects Scouting Network and edited video clips of your best performances in our scouting program makes it even easier.

By so doing, Agents can present your video clips to clubs and make them invite you for a trial test. So you could register for free as VMSProjects member, if you meet the requirements and possibly apply immediately