Football Agency
VMSProjects Football Agency is an international company representing players, coaches and clubs throughout the world. We deal with players transfers and contract negotiations so that our clients can concentrate on football without having to worry about their financial wellbeing.

We are part of the VMSProjects Football group which is an arm of VMSProjects an industry and consumer network; with over fifteen years experience of working with large scale operations on Scandinavia, a geographical region which covers Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This gives us instant access to a vast number of contacts and scouts worldwide enabling us to spot talented players in Africa countries and find top oversea clubs for our existing clients..

All football players deserve the chance to make the most of their talent regardless of their background or nationality.
It is our duty to ensure that none of our clients are exploited in any way.
We refuse to do business with unlicensed or unauthorized agents.
Every deal and transaction should be first and foremost for the good of the player.
We will strive to help players from Africa nations who would not normally have access to professional representation.

But, the world is our “big small place” and we are expanding into Europe, Asia, USA, Latin America, Africa, the World.

Player Representation
We will represent and take care of your best interests as a professional athlete.

We provide scouting services for your club, with the main focus being Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, USA, Latin America and Africa.

CSR Projects
We use the power of the sport as a platform for raising awareness on pressing social problems in marginalised communities

Contract Negotiation
We will negotiate the best deal with the most appropriate club for your career.

Event Management
We assist with creating and producing sports related events, that would be sustainable and beneficial for your organization.

Academy Connection
We help creating solid connections between academies and professional clubs, where our goal is to create beneficial outcomes for both parties long-term.

Brand Development
We will work towards market deals for you to improve your brand as it goes along your professional career

Financial Advice
We provide financial advice to our clients, to help them gain a sustainable lifestyle long-term.

Club Cooperation
We assist in creating cooperations between clubs on different levels and with different goals, that long-term is beneficial for both parties.